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HARRIOT RINGROSE - The Scarlet Letter
Reproduction Sampler, Chart only.

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The flight into Egypt is a biblical event described in the Gospel of Matthew. Soon after Mary and Jesus were visited by the Magi, who had learned that King Herod intended to kill the male infants in that region, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him to flee to Egypt with his wife and infant son. Iconic representations of the "Flight into Egypt" began to appear after the fourteenth century. Verses on the sampler are as follow:

Bright Angels sung on that happy morn
Glory to God a saviour's Born
He Lived he bled he died upon the tree
He reigns in heaven to intercede for me

Glory to God in the highest
and on earth Peace
Good will toward men

Honour your parents from whence you sprung
They nourish'd you when you were young
They brought you up in tenderness and care
And for your education did not spare

Regarding the sampler's origins, the English name "Ringrose" is of uncertain origin, first attested in Norwich in the year 1259 as "Ringerose". It could be derived from Middle English "ring" plus "rose" but the exact meaning is not clear. It is likely that this sampler was made in northern England.

On 30 count linen the reproduction will most closely approximate the size of the original- 16-1/4" x 15-1/2".

Words courtesy of The Scarlett Letter.

Stitch Count: 340 x 320
The sampler is executed mainly in cross stitch over two threads of linen, with three verses over one thread.
Linen: Model worked on 30 count linen.

It is recommended for any skill level.


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