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BOIS le DUC - Long Dog Samplers
Area in stitches: 338 x 397

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Area in stitches: 338 x 397
Total stitches: 44938
This design is made up of many traditional sampler motifs from Holland and the Low Countries and the band of patterns to the right of the design is also a typical feature of samplers from this region of Europe.
The Dutch Maiden (or Free Maiden) usually holds a sceptre in one hand and the Cap of Liberty circled by a ribbon in national colours in the other. Generally she is accompanied by a cat, a creature that never gives up its independence.

The Dutch Lion and the Spinning Hat symbolizes strength and steadfastness. They are set in the Garden of Holland (symbol of the Royal House of Orange) which is circular and enclosed by a fence.

This motif dates from 1405-6 and is connected with the siege of Hagstein which was protected by a hedge of woven branches.

A relatively recent group of symbols are the Cross (Geloof – faith/belief), Anchor (Hoop – hope) and Heart (Liefde – love/charity) which became popular in the first half of the twentieth century. They were often embroidered on headdress ribbons, particularly for weddings , as were many of the patterns on the right hand side of this design.

The Spinning Monkey is always seated and was linked with the Three Fates who foretell the lot of man and spin out the threads of their lives.

The gabled house was often the home of the embroideress and the chairs represented diligence and hospitality. The Grapebearers or Spies of Canaan represent Joshua and Caleb, spies sent by Moses into Canaan. They are also symbolic of the Jews and the Gentiles whilst the hanging grapes refer to Christ crucified.

This design was named Bois Le Duc after the birthplace of the designers` Dutch grandfather. Bois le Duc, the provincial capital of North Brabant in Holland, is now know as `s Hertogenbosch and was a fortress city until 1876. It was the birthplace of the painter, Hieronymus Bosch.

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