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MARY ANN CHAMBERLAIN 1775 - The Scarlet Letter
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This beautiful 18th century English sampler features the Lord’s Prayer in the upper half surrounded by flying cherubs, carnation “trees”, dogs, rabbits and birds, in a bold palette of strong primary colors.

Mary Ann Chamberlin was ten years old when she made this sampler, born in 1765, and died before 1816. Apart from that little is known about her apart from the fact that the sampler might have been made in Norfolk, England.

Adam and Eve stand on either side of the Tree of Life with a fearsome speckled serpent eating an apple from Eve’s hand. Above the counted satin stitched grass in Eden are numerous fellow residents: an owl, two butterflies executed in petit popint, a stag, a bull, a squirrel, and a peacock that looks curiously Scottish.

Stitches used are cross, cross over one (petit point), counted satin, and queen. On 40 count linen the reproduction sampler will measure approximately 17″ x 21″.

The model was stitched on 40 count Lambswool linen with AVAS silks.





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