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Manoela Estadella - Couleur Tourterelle
Reproduction Sampler - Spanish, Probably 19th Century

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Linen and Threads


The original sampler (see last photo) is of a very particular format, like a long strip. It measures 29’ inches wide by 6 1/4 inches high and includes two alphabets and some pretty traditional patterns.

The stitcher signed her full name, using the thicker letters of the 1st alphabet. Her first name Manoela is a Spanish variant of the biblical name Emmanuel which means "God is with us".

The work is modest, probably done as needlework practice by a young stitcher. She inverts letter "Z" in the first alphabet and skips the two last letters in the second, maybe worried that she wouldn't have room to fit her name.  The original piece was worked on very rustic canvas, with poor quality green thread that has turned a bit yellow.

Oddly enough, there are two small elements that have not been stitched in green: a tiny brown pattern in the center, and a red letter "E" on the right. Where they stitched by Manoela? Probably not, more likely added later by a younger sister or daughter of Manoela, it was not uncommon for little girls to practice on the works of their elders. And the designer to wonder whether to include these two small elements in the reproduction? "I found they brought a little touch of color and mystery, so I did, but each stitcher will make their own choice."

The sampler is full cross stitch over 2 threads using one strand.

Stitch Count: 289w x 77h
Linen: Newcastle 40 Count, Colour: Platinum
Thread: DMC or Au ver a Soie d'Alger Silk Thread - 3 colours.


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