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THE ECP 1878 DARNING SAMPLER - The Essamplaire
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Recommended: Intermediate stitchers
Dutch  & German Darning Sampler

ECP’s darning sampler was most likely made in one of the orphan schools run by either the city or one of the churches in Amsterdam. The initials below the crowns are of the head of the school and of teachers. It would have been her second sampler and most darning samplers were made by girls
at an approximate age of 13 or 14 years old. Most of these samplers have the inner border worked in pattern darning with either flowers, birds or some picturesque scene in the center. Young girls in these schools were required to take lessons in all manner of needlework, including darning,
knitting and sewing. These schools generally had a store on the premises and the girls would take in mending from the community, knitted items were sold as well as baby layettes with fancy needlework on them. Some of the better darning samplers came from these schools. ECP executed eight darns on her sampler, one which looks like knitting, one for a right angle tear and one with selvages. Other stitches used are cross stitch, pattern darning and needle weavin

Size: 17.5"x 18.5 “ (44cm x 47cm)
Thread Count: 40 Count (16 th/cm)
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